The construction industry has suffered from a shortage of competent workforce. This challenge is due to numerous reasons such as ongoing retirement of baby boomers, industry image problem and lasting effects of the recession. The mission of CECER Lab is to perform research that builds capacity for sustainable workforce for U.S. Construction Industry.

In the interest of developing a coherent and consistent conceptual framework for addressing the growing need for a sustainable construction workforce, Mobilization 2 Completion research process model for capacity building of construction workers in the construction industry was developed by Escamilla & Ostadalimakhmalbaf (2016). The main domains of the research process model include:

  • Family-Unit Cultural Impact: Family-unit cultural impact on decision-making for potential career path and opportunities in construction education,

  • Career Path Perceptions: Perception of students toward construction vocations,

  • Educational Attainment: Issues faced by students during construction education, and

  • Career Advancement: Challenges encountered by workers in the construction industry.